Pink Blending Sponge

100% of 100

This is a nifty little gadget!  It's a blending sponge, and it really lives up to its name.  It blends powder, liquid, and creams flawlessly.

To use it just wet it, and squeeze out the excess water.  Then use it to blend your makeup. You can also use it to apply the All-Purpose foundation, and it does it wonderfully.  It does expand when wet (like the $25 blending sponge), so that little point all but disappears.  No worries- just squeeze it slightly, and it can get into all of the corners to work its magic.

2.5 inch x 1.5 inch (63.5 mm x 38.1 mm) 

Latex free. 

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super handy, and blends beautifully