Fiber Optic Blush Brush




This brush is the perfect size for precise blush application! It's relatively small and cute- and it gives the most beautiful finish to blushes.

Fiber optic brushes are a unique combination- the shorter dark bristles are animal hair, and the white bristles are super soft synthetic. The dark bristles never actually touch your face- rather they're there to provide space between the synthetic bristles so you can get a very light, natural looking application of things like blushes.

Another great use for this brush?  Whisking away any fallout after you're finished with your eye shadow!  The stiff bristles just whisk it all away.

To care for this brush (or any brush) we like to use either professional brush cleaner, makeup remover cloths, or 90% rubbing alcohol and a soft towel.  Water is the enemy of brushes- it can seep down into the ferrule, weaken the glue, and cause the brush to shed or even mold over time- please treat your brushes kindly, and they'll last much longer.

We don't get this from the same manufacturer as our other brushes- and it does have the natural bristles so there is a bit of a break-in period and some shedding- but it does stop after a few washings. I've been using mine for about 6 months and I love it- it's the only brush I use for blush- and almost mandatory if you're trying any of our new, more pigmented colors.

It measures 4 3/4 inches from end to end. The total bristle length is 1 inch, and the bristle diameter at the tip is just under 1 inch.


Not what IReview by September G.
Not what I was expecting - better! When I pulled this brush out of the package I was not impressed. It's tiny and didn't look very sturdy. It has surprised me. Its size is perfect for controlling the application of highly pigmented colors, and it has stood up to a year of washings with no problems. I am so glad I bought this.

Age: Not Answer Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Not Answered Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Not Answered

(Posted on 6/13/2011)
Best blush brushReview by Kaitlyn C.
Best blush brush I have ever used. It could be slightly bigger in diameter but as it is it's pretty darn good! Picks up a nicely balanced amount of pigment and shimmer, applies sheerly and naturally but is also easy to build colour with. You will never get any blush lines using this brush. I won't use anything else now. HG.

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 3/7/2011)
This brush isReview by Ching H.
This brush is tiny! I have small Asian cheeks so it's perfect. I love using this with more pigmented blushes and glows. Sometimes when I am rushed I stipple poorly and end up sweeping/dragging the brush and it still does the job. Regardless of the skill and experience of the user, this brush is a very versatile tool and a must!

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Black Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Black Skintype: Normal

(Posted on 10/12/2010)
So I've ownedReview by Isabelle R.
So I've owned this for many months now and my feelings remain somewhat mixed.
When I got it it shed quite a lot, after playing with it, washing it etc that decreased, but it still sheds from time to time. ..which I find perfectly ok as these kinds of brushes very often seem prone to this, even the very expensive ones.

The bristles are dense, even the white ones. Also, the white ones are firm, stiff, they hardly bend when you touch the skin; and that is my major issue with this brush.

Stiff white bristles might be good when you use it for foundation, but I personally don't go for this type of brush for that very purpose, and it is also extremely small for a foundation brush. At least for all over the face.

Anyways, as a blush brush the firm white bristles pick up and deliver the color very promptly and punctually
- I can do my best to blend it afterwards but initially I just get dots or streaks of intense color on my cheeks.

The white bristles being too stiff is a problem that several stipplers I bought had.. yes, also thel pricey ones.
As I find you can't work with the stiff bristles this point seperates the not so good from the great ones for me.

It's trial and error I suppose.
At this price it really won't hurt to try luckily, and if it works for you you do have an awesome deal.

Age: Not Answer Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 10/12/2010)
Save your money!Review by Danielle F.
Save your money! This brush is tiny. I couldn't believe that this was the brush I ordered when it came out the package. This was my first brush order from silk naturals and it will be my last. Even E.L.F. brushes are better quality then this--mine shed so much!

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 8/16/2010)
I LOVE thisReview by Sarah T.
I LOVE this brush. I bought two--one for foundation and one for blush. Truly gives your face an air-brushed appearance applying makeup with this amazing brush, plus it's affordable.

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 7/20/2010)
I use thisReview by Danielle S.
I use this brush every single day. I'm super fair but I can wear ANY blush if I apply it with this brush, no matter how pigmented!

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 5/12/2010)
This brush isReview by Alice S.
This brush is a bit on the small side for me, but other than that, it's so soft and it applies blushes very gently, so I can use dark colours without looking like a clown right away.

The size does allow for a more accurate application, and gives me more control over the 'shape' I apply my blush in, so it best suits my face – with a bigger brush I tend to just... plop it on the sides of my face.

It shed a couple of black hairs at first, nothing out of the ordinary though. Oh, and I know it's silly, but I especially like how the white bristles get stained pink with the blush :)

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Normal

(Posted on 3/13/2010)
The best blushReview by Michelle W.
The best blush brush I've ever owned. A MUST have for fair skin toned ladies! Blush looks so natural almost airbrushed if stipled gently and then brushed.

As a fair skined lady, I've always had a lot of trouble with blushes. So many are way too pigmented for us fair ladies. With a regular blush brush on most (pressed) blushes I could barely touch the blush and I would have too much, didn't matter what brand it was, though some were worse than others.

I was afraid to try mineral blush (Silknaturals is my first and I'll be a loyal customer) because of this. When one of the descriptions (thanks for telling us!) mentioned this brush for fair skinned ladies, I knew I had to try it. From what I've read it's very similar to the MAC 188 which gets rave reviews on beauty sites.

I still just barely touch most blushes, from Silk Naturals and from my traditional pressed blushes-but the difference is-now on some of them, I actually have to put more on the brush (a first!) but most of the time I'm amazed that I can sheerly layer by just touching the brush to the powder and taping it off lightly (use the lid on Silk Naturals or other loose blushes). I can wear blushes that I never thought I could wear and was about ready to throw away.

I love the brush so much that I bought a second one for my bronzers and contours. Everyone must have this brush! It provides the most amazing blush application and is small enough to get it just where you want it. I have a small face and a lot of blush brushes are just too big and put the blush all over the place. This one is perfect. Can't praise it enough!

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Red Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 1/22/2010)
I just boughtReview by Anne A.
I just bought my second Fiber Optic Blush Brush, and realized I had never reviewed it.

It's absolutel perfect, I got the second one so that I have one for blush, and one for contouring. It's just the perfect size, and the price tag just can't be beat...

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Hazel Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 12/7/2009)
Fab little brush!Review by Angela D.
Fab little brush! Much better than more expensive versions from other companies, and small enough to dip in the lid of sample jars. Won't ever be without this!!!

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Dry

(Posted on 6/15/2009)
LOVE this brush!Review by oda b.
LOVE this brush! Ive been using mine every day since i got it, and would not want to ever live without it! Ordering backups for this:) YAY

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Normal

(Posted on 6/12/2009)
Well... I don'tReview by Sarah B.
Well... I don't love this brush. I find it too dainty to apply blush, and for applying highlighting and contour it's the right size but doesn't provide the amount and evenness of coverage I'm looking for. It's an okay texture but feels coarser than what I like normally. I pondered returning this brush but decided to keep it for highlighting... for now. This is a very dainty brush with a very specific texture for sheer coverage, which didn't work for me, but others seem to like it so.... I guess it comes down to personal preference.

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 6/6/2009)
I love thisReview by Megan S.
I love this brush! It's a perfect 188 dupe! Since buying it, I haven't used my angled blush brush.

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Black Skintype: Very Oily

(Posted on 5/1/2009)
Terrific brush forReview by Cheryl M.
Terrific brush for mineral blushes! I don't know why anyone would use a full brush and not a duo fiber brush like this! It picks up the right amount of powder and it's a tiny brush (less than the length of your hand, just longer than your palm) but it places product perfectly. I wouldn't want another brush for blush!

My only complaint is that is sheds at first, but after washing it once, it may have shed only one or two hairs. Still a great brush...and will buy more!

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Medium Skintone: Black Skintype: Oily

(Posted on 3/4/2009)
I just dontReview by Ho J.
I just dont understand how could I have gone without this brush for such a long time!!!!!

I think that's enough said about how much I love this brush!

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Black Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Black Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 1/12/2009)
I love thisReview by Rachel V.
I love this brush! Even better than MACs 188 this brush is much denser and is extremely soft. I use it to apply liquid foundation cream blush powder blush highlight contour with cream foundation EVERYTHING!

I switched the handle to a longer handle by warming up the glue in the ferrel with a blowdryer. I dont recommend it because if youre not careful youll ruin the brush but it came out perfectly for me!


AKA peekab0obaby on Youtube

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Olive Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 11/22/2008)
This brush stopsReview by Tracey S.
This brush stops me over applying product, is great for blush & glows, plus I also use it to apply silica powder exactly where I need it (tip of my nose & forehead) thanks to it's compact size.

The black from the natural bristles does run a little bit during the first couple of washes, but it's no big deal and has now stopped. Thankfully it dries pretty quickly but I think I'm going to have to get at least another one because I am lost without it when it' still damp!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 11/14/2008)
I love thisReview by Andrea D.
I love this brush! I've always had problems with other brushes depositing too much powder and making me look silly. This is perfect, and I can always just layer it more if needed. My friend uses (used to use, more like it) the similar brush from Mac, and unlike that one this doesn't shed at all.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 11/13/2008)
Love this brushReview by Samantha E.
Love this brush for glows. Unlike most fiber optics, this one has a round ferrule with good density but still a light application.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 11/10/2008)
LUV this brush.Review by Mary Grace D.
LUV this brush. i use it for my cream blushes and extremely sparkly, very pigmented blush and this brush delivers wonders. sum of those wonders include, light color with my favorite heavily pigmented blushes and airbrush finish.

side note: if you really want a visual as the *actual* size, just look at the picture. i put my brush right next to the image and was amazed that the sizes matches almost perfectly. (however, it was angled slightly so that the brush head looked *a bit* larger, but it was an upward shot, it couldnt have been angled a perfect 90 degress for the pic. lol.)

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 10/29/2008)
This is aReview by Audris T.
This is a good quality brush for precise blusher application. It's small but has a dense head. Good for pigmented blushers. It did shed and the dye did run for the first few washes, but has since stopped doing that. Could we have a larger version as well for the face, Karen? Thanks for making this brush available to us!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 10/22/2008)
This is theReview by Anna K.
This is the perfect blush for those very dark pigmented blush colors! Incredibly soft in texture & blends very well, reasonably priced. I'm planning to order a few more in my next order.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 8/15/2008)
This brush isReview by Jennifer O.
This brush is PERFECT for blush. So easy to control, and gives a great, light touch. I have NEVER overdone my blush with this brush, and I was ALWAYS overdoing it with other blush brushes. I'm a fumbling mess with blush, except when I use this great little brush. I'm definitely going to purchase another!!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 7/31/2008)
I LOVE usingReview by Christiana L.
I LOVE using this brush with my blush. The brush head is the perfect size for blush seeing how it's not too big, nor too small. It does shed a little bit at first, but not too much.

I definitely have to get another one as back-up. :)

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 5/29/2008)
You need thisReview by Rhys M.
You need this blush brush! It's the perfect size for blush, and it works better than any other I've used. Just pour a few grains of blush into a swirly bowl, dip the brush in, and gently dot (don't sweep) onto your cheeks.

Result: Absolute perfection.

If you're pale, a whole new world of colours and shades you couldn't wear before are totally wearable now, with no clown cheeks!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 5/15/2008)

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