I have the luxury of going into the lab and whipping up what I'm craving...these are the ones that I can't live without and have stashed everywhere!

Eyelash Gel- gotta have it.  Without it my lashes are sparse, and pathetic- with it it almost looks like I'm wearing falsies.
After Bath Lotion Bar- seriously saves my skin in the Winter!
Olive Oil Lotion- I use it on everyone for everything.  From the baby to the dogs- it's fun for the whole family.
Self Tanner- since white is my "tan"- I use it year-round so the glow from my legs doesn't keep my husband up at night.
All Set Drying drops- because a woman's only helpless when her nails are wet.
Mamma's Helper Serum- I switch serums around depending on the weather, or what my skin needs.  I tested this all through being pregnant, and it really helped with my post-partum skin too.  My other fave is Awesome Sauce- especially in the summer because I can skip moisturizer!
BuzzBerry lip balm- perks me up every time.  I have it in my purse, my desk, my pocket.
Ultra Sheer Zinc Powder- I don't go to the beach without it.  Calms my skin, and looks great.  I tint it with a little ebony sometimes.

All Purpose foundation-  I eyeball the blend, but it's about 10 parts white to 1 part ebony.
#2 Cream Concealer- I even use it instead of foundation some days.  It's super fast, and works great
Cherry Bomb Cream Blush- adds a vibrant pop of pink, and a dewy finish that I love.
Candid Liquid Gloss- it's my new go-to, but really I change lippie colors a few times a day.

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