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    Silk Naturals Sample Kit!

    This is the quickest and easiest way to get started with our Perfect Harmony Foundation.  In essence, you get to mix your own perfect match.  It's easy, quick, and incredibly flexible so if your skin tone changes you can easily tweak your mix so it always matches.

    The basic premise behind Perfect Harmony Foundation is:

    White Foundation Base + Tinted Base = Your Perfect Match!

     In this intro kit you get:
    • 1 teaspoon of our Original Ivory Foundation, All Purpose Ivory, Vegan Ivory, Medium Coverage Ivory, or Heavy Coverage Ivory The difference? 
      Original Ivory has light coverage, good oil control, and an airbrushed look. 
      Vegan Ivory has a bit more coverage, and nice oil control.
      All Purpose Ivory has creamy coverage and no oil control- it also looks great applied wet or dry, or mixed with moisturizer.  It's great for dry skin.
      Medium Coverage provides fairly full coverage in one coat.
      Heavy Coverage
      is very heavy, thick coverage that may be a bit "too much" for most skin.
    • 1/2 teaspoon of each of the following base colors- ebony, warm gold, olive, and buttery gold
    • an empty 10 gram jar for mixing
    • 1 measuring scoop so you can repeat your recipe
    • 1 flocked sponge
    • a full instruction sheet- complete with recipes to get you started.

    You really don't need anything else to get your perfect foundation match- BUT to complete your look, and make it last all day we recommend :

    Finishing Powder (we have 4 available- White, Date Bait which is pinkie bronze, Tempt Tryst which is golden,and Love Lure which is bronze)



    Lip Gloss

    We recommend starting with the All Purpose Ivory for drier skin types, Original Ivory for light coverage and good oil control, or Vegan Ivory for light to moderate coverage in a vegan formula.

    Individual samples of the other white foundation bases plus jars and scoops are also available, but generally starting with the sample kit is the best way to go.

    ***Please note in March 2012 we changed all of our tinted foundation bases to the Vegan Formula.  The colors are identical.***

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