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Brightening Concealer




Our Brightening Concealers are the perfect choice for hiding little flaws, and work wonderfully as a matte highlighter. They contain silica, and our HD microspheres so they blend beautifully, help blur fine lines, and give you a radiant glow. They're great for setting cream concealers, or you can use them all by themselves.

Shade Selection:  Shade #1 is great for HD Foundation Shades in the 10-30 range.  Shade #2 is for 40-50, Shade #3 is for 60-70, and Shade #4 is best for 70-80.

In general you want to choose a color that is two shades lighter than your foundation, or one shade lighter than your concealer.

Full Size is 1.5 teaspoons in a 10 gram sifter jar.  Samples are 1/8 teaspoon in a 5 gram sifter jar.

Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, silica, Ceramic Microspheres (Magnesium Silicate), magnesium stearate, iron oxides

Vegan and Gluten Free


Review by Xochitl M
I’ve tried MANY concealers and under eye brightners and because of my oily skin most settle into my creases, melt off, or plain run. So, I decided to try and find a powder concealer and remembered silk naturals carried some. Well, for me, this is the winner. Not only is the price fantastic, but #2 is PERFECT on my tan skin, it does brighten my under eye (I’ve received so many compliments), but it doesn’t crease or settle. When my skin is dry, I did see it settle into my creases and make the area look dry so I started using eye serums and/or eye creams and problem fixed!

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Tan Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Oily

(Posted on 11/3/2018)
Review by Fetia B
Great concealers!!! i got #3 and #4. Since i've tried them, i use them every day. It works really great as an under eye concealer because it blurres easily, but it still offers a good coverage that last all day long without giving the impression of wearing make up...

Thank you so much Silk Naturals!!

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Normal

(Posted on 6/14/2018)
Review by Gail .
This is perfect for my upper inner eye corner and lid. It neutralizes some reddish darkness I have there I have and really makes me look healthier and better rested. I like the peach cream stick for the under eye are, but love the lightness of this for the upper area.

Age: 50 plus Eyecolor: Hazel Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Dry

(Posted on 6/3/2018)
Review by Monika j
this is a great setting powder for under eye concealer - find it very blurrring and gives a brightening affect overall

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 3/5/2018)
Review by Kimberly W
Works great at concealing (have been using #1 and am going to test #2) but sometimes settles in places and cakes a bit, especially around my nose and I’m not sure why.

Age: 44-49 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Gray Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 1/15/2018)
Review by tami D
I absolutely love this brightner concealer in shade 1. I even use it sometimes when I go without make up and just lightly put it underneath my eyes and on the sides of my nose to completely hide any redness on my face. I use it along with the light peach sleep in a jar which I use directly under my eyes. Great stuff

Age: 44-49 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Normal

(Posted on 1/15/2018)
Review by Amber F
I have horrible dark under-eye circles that will probably never be completely tamed, but this brightening concealer has been the best product at lessening the darkness under my eyes. In combination with the cream stick concealer, it is a force to be reckoned with. Great product and way more affordable (and way more natural) than Ben Nye's Banana Powder.

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Olive Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 9/27/2016)
Review by Claire E
My new perfect under-eye concealer! I had been religiously using Sleep In a Jar in Light Peach but I decided to give this a whirl. I wear G30 in the HD cream foundation and this is a MUCH better color match for me since it's on the yellow side. It brightens my under-eye area without looking cool peachy-white or over bright. Also, due to the yellow, color-correcting tint, you need less of it, so that decreases the potential to look too powdery. On that note, too much can look TOO yellow, so use a light hand if you're a pale gal like me.

Thanks for looking out for us pale-but-warm-undertoned girls!!

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 9/29/2015)
Review by Tatyana S
I ordered the #2 brightening concealer, and it is amazing! I mostly only contour on weekends or when I'm going out somewhere, special occasions, etc. However, I do like to highlight whenever I put on foundation so that my face has a bit more depth and angle to it. I have used it both with contour and without, and it truly brightens my face, and it sits amazingly on my skin (which is saying something because I have quite a bit of acne scarring on cheek area). It also blends well. I especially love using it when i don't get enough sleep and have undereye darkness. I blend a bit of my foundation right underneath my eyes and then use the brightener in the inner corner and blend out a bit underneath and toward my nose; it truly makes a BIG difference - helps you look well rested even if you got no sleep :)

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Acne Prone

(Posted on 6/12/2015)

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