Unblush- Redness Reducing Green Concealer




Unblush is a green tinted Perfecting Powder that works to reduce redness.  It's absolutely sheer.  Just a little dusting takes away any redness- and helps to set your makeup.

Full size is 1-1/2 teaspoons in a 10-gram sifter jar.  Samples are 1/4 teaspoon in a 5 gram jar.

Ingredients: Mica, Silk Powder, silica, chromium oxide green


This product isReview by Demetra G.
This product is now a staple item. I have a little redness at the corners of my nose & above my lip. This unblush desquises my redness well. I apply it on top of cream concealer & under the foundation. Applying it this way keeps it covering for the whole day. I tried applying without the cream concealer, & it didn't stay put. I highly recommend unblush!!

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Tan Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 8/19/2013)
Meh. Didn't reallyReview by alycen T.
Meh. Didn't really do much for me, maybe I just have too much redness going on with rosacea and allergies and the like. Nice texture, very silky.

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Hazel Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Red Skintype: Very Dry

(Posted on 2/7/2013)
I though IReview by Judy S.
I though I was just trying another one of those green concealers. Boy was I wrong. This one is truly amazing. Rather than leaving your skin with a greenish tone and one you can't cover up with foundation, this one seemingly magically tones down the redness without leaving it green or ghost like. I've tried several of these green concealers and nothing, and I mean nothing compares to this. It is sheer and translucent and feels nice on irritated skin. I have tried concealers in every format and this one wins hands down. I wish it was sold in a large jar because I know I will be using this for many years to tone down my red cheeks. I plan to buy several and transfer to a larger jar with a shifter top. Beyond good. I'm so glad I samples this.

Age: 50 plus Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 6/4/2012)
If I hadReview by Alice S.
If I had to choose between wearing wearing only Unblush or only foundation, I'd chose Unblush. It neutralises redness so well!
Sometimes I wear a bit more than I need, but it's sheer enough that I don't end up looking ashy and ghostly, unlike other green colour correctors I've tried... Love it!

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Not Answered Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Normal

(Posted on 5/11/2010)
I love theReview by Isabelle R.
I love the way this neutralizes the redness on and around my nose.
It goes on very silkyly and smooth and really neutralizes the redness, it doesn't leave ugly greenish-grey areas on your face. I have had this problem with other green toned mineral concealers, they were often too pigmented and chalky = hard to blend, and I can't even compare this to those.
So if you've tried mineral redness correctors, they just didn't work and you thought about giving up on this type of product, maybe try a sample of this, you might be surprised.

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 4/14/2010)
Unblush is aReview by Lauren C.
Unblush is a staple for me in the summer to tone down my "sun-kissed" cheeks and nose. (OK, fine - they are sunburned, but you know what I mean.) Also great for mild rosacea and other redness. It only takes a small amount to conceal the redness, then follow up with your normal foundation routine. And it works well for little red bumps!

Age: Not Answer Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Not Answered Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Not Answered

(Posted on 5/23/2009)
This stuff isReview by Kim S.
This stuff is great for rosacea and broken capillaries! Works wonders!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 7/6/2007)

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