Birthday Suit- The Ultimate Nude Lippie-KS




Birthday Suit is a tried and true favorite.  It's a little on the deep side, and our original "perfect nude". It's not too yellow, not too pink, not too purple, not too brown- it's just right.

Our lip glosses are much beloved by lip gloss addicts around the world. They're pretty, glossy, taste good, and leave your lips incredibly soft.  They contain over 80% organic ingredients too.

Gluten Free 

Ingredients: Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, Caranuaba Wax, Mica, Vanilla Infused Coconut Oil, Stevia. Also contains: Iron Oxides, FD&C colors

Additional Info

Formula Kisser Slicker
Lip Color Family Nude
Tone Neutral
Finish Cream
Shimmer Scale 0(0=Matte 5=Glitter)
Vegan No
Depth 4 (1=white, 6=black)
Opacity 4 (0=Sheer 5=Opaque)
Gluten Free Yes
Dye Free No


Review by Jean P
Wow! This lipgloss is fantastic! Love the color and it doesn't dry out my lips! Going to order this again!

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 11/25/2016)
Review by Luz C
I absolutely love this lip product. I work in a hospital and I like to wear very subtle make up. This is a beautiful shade and I am obsessed! Highly recommend it! :)

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Medium Skintone: Black Skintype: Dry

(Posted on 10/11/2016)
This is aReview by Villo L.
This is a gorgeous nude lippie, my lip is quite pigmented and tends to have a natural berry/dark pink colour and my skin is neutral with pink undertones, so I was a bit worried that it would be too warm but no, it works beautifully!

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 3/13/2012)
This truly isReview by Kathleen C.
This truly is the ultimate nude. Soft, lovely, and understated. Although a matte color, it has a creamy satin finish. Very natural looking. Not at all drying.

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Red Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 6/24/2011)
I really likeReview by Brooke M.
I really like this color! It's a very nice sort of raisin-y neutral, and I love the way it looks on me. That said, I wouldn't really consider it a "gloss" per se. To me, it seems more like a somewhat sheer lipstick. It's very moisturizing and feels really nice on my lips, it's just not what I usually think of as a gloss. I also didn't really pick up the vanilla scent--it smells lipstick-y to me. Not a bad scent at all, just didn't seem "scented," really. No complaints here, it just wasn't exactly what I was expecting!

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 8/20/2010)
I'm Asian andReview by Cheryl N.
I'm Asian and this colour didn't work for me at all. It was way too dark and it made me look extremely pale and gothic and made my teeth look quite yellow. It is a lovely colour by itself, I certain recommend it, but I was very let down after all the raves about it. Perhaps my skin is just too yellow and light for it. On the other hand it does make a nice base for other colours.

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Black Haircolor: Olive Skintone: Black Skintype: Not Answered

(Posted on 12/13/2009)
I'm in loveReview by Irina K.
I'm in love with it! Amazing quality and nice delicate smell. My lips are quite pigmented, but it does look nude on them! It's my moistured lips but better!

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 12/10/2009)
If your notReview by Dana F.
If your not sure wich color to get try this one.very natural but not to brown.I could see this flattering a range of skintones.

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Acne Prone

(Posted on 7/20/2009)
no regrets buyingReview by Caroline S.
no regrets buying this lippie. this seriously lives up to the hype of being wearable. i actually like this better than centerfold. will definitely repurchase.

Age: Not Answer Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Not Answered Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Not Answered

(Posted on 6/2/2009)
Although a bitReview by Muge I.
Although a bit darker than I actually expected from a nude lipstick Birthday Suit is probably the most satisfying and wearable lipstick for almost all occasions. I have just received it this morning and I'm pretty amazed with its moisturizing effect and the way it feels on my lips. As comfortable as (or even better than) a high end lip balm. I'm really glad to have found that it is not overrated at all. I guess this is going to be an everyday staple for me. Thanks a ton Karen!

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Oily

(Posted on 1/2/2009)
This was theReview by Lacey S.
This was the first lippie that I tried from Silk Naturals. The texture and feel of it is AMAZING. Most glosses dry my lips out and make them flaky, but not these!

When I first opened the tube, I thought the gloss looked a bit brown, but when I put it on, it was lovely. I wouldn't call it nude exactly because it's a bit too dark for me to consider it that, but it is a beautiful color that I can see myself wearing a lot. :)

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Dry

(Posted on 12/14/2008)
I had toReview by Christine T.
I had to purchase this lipgloss to see what all of the fuss was about and overall I'm pretty content with my purchase. As my skin tone is very warm/tanned, I did find this gloss to be a bit brown against my skin tone. I usually avoid brown glosses/lipsticks as I just don't like the appearance or I find that they can be too dark however in this case, it's more of a sheer nudish-brownish colour which I actually didn't mind.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 7/27/2008)
This is notReview by Nicole W.
This is not a lippie I'd wear on its own in a "no-make-up" look. On my pigmented lips, it gives off a bit of a milky cast and I find it a little brown for my medium, olive/warm-toned skin. It seems other warm-toned people have had similar results, but given everything I'd heard about the universality of this color I thought I'd give it a shot. It's certainly wearable, but not really to my taste--though I am coming to like it paired with a dramatic, dark smoky eye. Neutralizes my lips without washing me out though I find the effect a little dark.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 7/6/2008)
Not only didReview by Jooksta S.
Not only did I find my perfect foundation here, I also found the perfect lip color- not too dark and not too pale. It is simply gorgeous! I have tried lippies and glosses before that were too sheer and couldn't even tell one color from another. The color of this product shows up beautifully on the lips.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 6/20/2008)
Finding a lipstickReview by Mati F.
Finding a lipstick that doesn't make me look like my lips don't belong to me is almost impossible. This includes red, pink, berry, wine and coral lipglosses. Nudes are the only glosses I can use, but only if they aren't too pale or too dark. Birthday suit passed all my requirements! It looks fresh and gorgeous on, and I'm very happy with it. I have to agree with Karen - Birthday suit is truly "the ultimate nude" lippie.
I also have to add that even though it looks dark on the picture, and in the tube, it is sheer enough when it goes on the lips that it looks very natural on.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 4/28/2008)
I am notReview by Helen C.
I am not usually a lippie person but decided to try Birthday Suit from all the rave reviews. At first glance I was a little skeptical when it looked brown but when I put it on, it really was the 'my lips but better' colour! It also keeps my lips nice and moisturized throughout the day and just completes my look with looking more put together. I've been converted and have just bought more lippies to try because Birthday Suit was so great!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 4/28/2008)
This really isReview by Samantha E.
This really is the "ultimate nude lippie". I have 2 and have given one as a gift. It's sheer so don't worry about it going on too dark. It's your lips but better and the lippie I reach for time and again.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 4/23/2008)
After all theReview by Therese N.
After all the raves I needed to get my hand on this baby! But with my pigmented lips it sure didn't look good on me, it looked like mud and not nude:(
But applied lightly over Ashley it could be useable though.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 3/18/2008)
I have beenReview by Marisol B.
I have been eyeing this lippie for months and finally decided to order it. The reason I waited so long was because I was sure it wasn't going to work for me. I recieved it today along with Jaybird and Breathless and immediately wiped off whatever lipstick I had on and dusted aliitle foundation on my lips so I can get the full feel of this lippie. Well the color is absolutely gorgeous! I have tried and tried so many other brands looking for that natural lip look and they all came up short. This is absolutely what I have been looking for all along. I would have saved myself a ton of money had I ordered it months ago. Karen never stop making this color! I love it! Ladies do not be afraid to try this will love it! Plus you can't beat the price!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 3/8/2008)
My beauty-blogging buddyReview by Seyoung Y.
My beauty-blogging buddy Mayaari of wore this color on one of her looks and it looked so good on her so I had to try it out. Unfortunately for me, I guess I'm too light for this to wear Birthday Suit :( It's so much darker and "prune-ier???" than my own lip color and doesn't seem to work with my skin tone, either.

I'm still going to give this a good rating b/c it looked SOOOO PERFECT on mayaari.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 3/4/2008)
"Birthday Suit" isReview by Dao L.
"Birthday Suit" is a very luxurious lip gloss if you don't really care about the shine. It feels like a very moisturizing lipstick and lasts quite a while. The only thing I would love for it to have is some extra glossiness. Other than that it's perfect.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 2/10/2008)
I'm sold onReview by Amy M.
I'm sold on this! I love the color and the way it lasts for hours. It makes my lips feel incredible.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 1/23/2008)
Have to addReview by Rhys M.
Have to add another rave - if you haven't found a lippie that looks good on you - try this one.

Seems to pick up your own colouring and enhance it. I'm always suspicious of 'your lips but better', but this one really does live up to the claim on everybody I've tried it on (including me!)

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 12/23/2007)
Beautiful nude/brown lippie!Review by Kelly L.
Beautiful nude/brown lippie! This is everything I wanted MAC's Twig to be, but Birthday Suit is sooo much better. It is more moisturizing, has comparable staying power, and not as pink (which is a plus). Love this color!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 11/11/2007)
I bought twoReview by Caroline G.
I bought two of these without trying it first, just based on other people's reviews of this color! I love this it! It really is nude and sheer with just enough color to enhance your normal lip color. Love it! I usually don't like scented lip stuff, but the "sweet" scent on this is perfect. It's not overpowering and not anything that another person could smell a mile away. Thank you for making this!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 11/1/2007)
I love, love,Review by Awilda S.
I love, love, love this lippie! It keeps my lips moist and smells and taste great. (both the smell and taste are VERY subtle)The color is incredible! So pretty! I'll definately be ordering it and other colors again soon.

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 10/25/2007)
i love thisReview by Christiana L.
i love this lipgloss because it DOESN'T dry out my lips. also the name of the lippie is TRUE to it's name. a very subtle and pretty nude lippie. :]

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 10/19/2007)
I just receivedReview by Susan S.
I just received this lipgloss and it certainly lives up to it's name! It's a perfect color and has already earned "permanent" status in my collection. I'll definitely be ordering more of this one!!

Age: Eyecolor: Haircolor: Skintone: Skintype:

(Posted on 10/17/2007)

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