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Awesome Sauce Anti-Oxidant Serum




We all know better...don't smoke, don't drink, eat your veggies, stay out of the sun, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water- yadda, yadda, yadda

For women who live in the real world, where 8 hours of sleep is a luxury, we've made Awesome Sauce. 

Awesome Sauce is a combination of some fairly powerful ingredients that leaves your skin soft, dewy, and  more even-toned.  It has a TON of anti-oxidents that help protect your skin from environmental damage to keep you looking young and flawless.  For the acne-prone girls there's some anti-bacterial, and skin calming ingredients too.  And, did we mention it's just plain Awesome??

Best for:  Anti-aging, reactive skin.  Non drying, great for dry to "normal" skin types.  For oily, or very acne prone skin checkout Super Serum.

Here's a look at the actives:

Vitamin C- 3% magnesium ascorbyl phosphate so it doesn't sting or burn, but it's still incredibly effective.  Everyone needs a little Vitamin C.

Renovage- is an incredibly powerful anti-aging ingredient.  It lengthens the strands of DNA within cells to increase their lifespan by 1/3.  What you see on the surface is fewer lines, less redness, reduced pore size, and improved hydration.  

Coenzyme Q-10- potent anti-oxidant necessary for proper cell functioning.  It's encapsulated in liposomes to penetrate deep into your skin, and revitalize you.

Venuceane- derived from deep sea algae it's the Chuck Norris of anti-oxidants.  Strong, powerful, and nearly inexhaustable it's what you need if you spend any amount of time in the sun (it's not sunblock at all- don't use it as that)

Fermented Wasabi Extract- By fermenting it the wasabi turns mild, and becomes anti-inflamatory.  It's also anti-bacterial, and great for acne-prone skin. 

The fine print:
Avoid this if you're pregnant. Mama's Helper is ideal if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

Let it soak in before you apply your moisturizer as you may find a compatability issue with some products (worse case scenario, it will cause some pilling, but nothing super major).   There's actually a fair chance that you won't need a moisturizer because the Renovage is oil based, and it really does make your skin smooth and hydrated.
Use it especially during the day, and at night if you wish

Click here to see our Vitamin C Serum comparison chart

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Capric Capryllic Triglycerides and Teprenone,  Thermus Thermophilus Ferment (and) Glycerin, Lactobacillus/Wasabia Japonica Root Ferment Extract, Propanediol, Phospholipids,  Ubiquinone, Gluconoactone and Sodium Benzoate, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Panthenol, Sea Bukthorn Berry Oil 

Propanediol is a corn-based skin hydrator that is Ecocert approved, and quite lovely really. 

Additional Info

Gluten Free Yes
Product Type Serum
Suitable For Acne Prone Skin, Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin, Anti-Aging
Pregnancy Safe No
Vegan Yes


Review by null
I've been using this product for a good five months now, and I believe it's made a huge difference. My skin tone is much more even, the texture is smooth and soft, and it feels like my face is also much brighter overall. In the beginning I had a bit of irritation when I used this, as my skin is very sensitive, but eventually, it receded, and now I have no irritation when applying it. This serum has been a gamechanger for me and it's now one of my most important products.

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 6/17/2018)
Review by Jolynne L
I started out using the regular Vitamin C Peptide serum here - which I honestly did really like and left a review on it, but my only tiny little complaint about it is that when it would dry down after I applied it, it made my face feel TIGHT. But it wasn't a huge deal because after I gave it a few minutes to sink in to my skin, I would apply either a moisturizer or my sunscreen over it , and the tight feeling would go away.

But that did inspire me to want to test out some of the other Silk Naturals vitamin C serums - and this Awesome Sauce did not disappoint! I've been using it daily for the last two months, and I like it very much. When it dries down after application, it feels just the tiniest bit tight - but not nearly as much so as the other vit c peptide serum. Compared to the other serum, this one has a lot more "slip" to it and it very easy to spread around my face. It feels like a more hydrating serum versus the vit c peptide. I'm quite oily, but also prone to dehydration if I don't stay on top of it - then add flakiness from tretinoin in addition to that, and it's very important that I include hydrating products in my routine even though I am so oily!

My only tiny little complaint about this serum is that - as it does warn you in the description - sometimes it doesn't play nice with other products layered on top of it. I'd prefer to wear my vit c in the morning, but sometimes I wear it at night if I choose to use one of my sunscreens that I know will pill if put it on top of this serum. But again, it's not a huge deal - I am kind of a Asian sunscreen junkie, so I have several in rotation that I like to use. Most are fine in conjunction with this serum, but a couple of my faves will pill pretty badly if I have this serum underneath.

All in all a very excellent product! Would highly recommend this one to anyone who felt like the vit c peptide serum left them feeling a little tight and would like something more hydrating.

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Medium Skintone: Brunette Skintype: Very Oily

(Posted on 12/1/2017)
Review by Caitlin B
When I was shopping for serums from this site, I felt required to get the Super Serum because of the heaps of good reviews and the way this site seems to drive people towards buying it. However, Awesome Sauce just called out to me for some reason, so I wound up checking out with samples of both. After patch-testing them to ensure I wasn't allergic, I started using Awesome Sauce on one half of my face and Super Serum on the other. The plan was to see if either one improved my skin, and if so, if one was vastly better than the other. And let me tell you—one was.

After a few days, I started to notice the Awesome Sauce side improving rapidly. My sensitive skin is frequently red and unevenly-textured and I have faint acne scars from my teenage years on my cheeks near both temples. The acne scars on the Awesome Sauce seemed lighter, my skin less red and the texture smoother, whereas the Super Serum side hadn't changed much, if at all.

After a week of twice-daily use, even my husband can notice how markedly better the Awesome Sauce side is, and that's saying something! The acne scars are barely there anymore and my skin is so smooth and even I feel I may be able to start going to work without makeup soon! I'm going to start using Awesome Sauce on both sides from here on out, and of course purchase the full size when my sample is low.

Awesome Sauce has had the biggest, fastest positive effect on my skin out of any product I've ever tried. Nothing else has given my skin makeup-optional status, and I'm so impressed that it worked this quickly! I highly recommend it for sensitive skin with minor imperfections and/or uneven texture.

Age: 25-29 Eyecolor: Blue Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 5/17/2015)
It could beReview by Melody M.
It could be a little soon to write a review, but I used this
Last night after removing my makeup and cleansing
With Kiss cleanser. I already noticed a difference in
The morning. Skin is brighter, the bumps on my face
Are beginning to diminish, and the bags under my eyes
Are slightly less apparent. I will continue to use this at night
And I can't wait to see the results in a month from now!
My skin has taken a rather large beating over the years
From being a smoker, having a stressful job, and I enjoy my occasional
Drink now and then.
Using this in conjunction with quitting smoking will sure
To transform the way my skin looks over time!
I'm happy with this.

Age: 19-24 Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Not Answered

(Posted on 3/27/2013)
Awesome Sauce isReview by Holly U.
Awesome Sauce is the thickest of all the serums I'm using (Super Serum, Facelift Serum and Oatmeal Serum). It does the best job in softening and moisturizing my face.

I'm on my second sample of Awesome Sauce because I always need extra reassurance if I'm okay with a product especially if I'm using it alongside other serums. Unfortunately I had to stop midway with this sample because my assumptions were right. As soon as I apply Awesome Sauce my neck, chin, nose and mouth area become unbearably itchy. I also got a lot of whiteheads soon after using Awesome Sauce.

It seems like a coincidence because most of my T-zone is acne-prone and becomes oily...and this is the part of my face that reacts terribly to Awesome Sauce. My dry cheeks and eye area are fine. I read in forum that perhaps the Capric Capryllic Triglycerides in Awesome Sauce causes people to break out, but I've been using a moisturizer for almost a year with Capric Capryllic Triglycerides as a top ingredient in the list, and I've had no real complications. Perhaps it's something else or the combination of Capric Capryllic Triglycerides with the other ingredients. Well I'm pleased with the other serums so it's not totally a bad situation for me.

Age: Not Answer Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Not Answered Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Not Answered

(Posted on 1/27/2012)
i really likeReview by Whitney P.
i really like this serum. i have just finished up my sample and mostly have noticed my dull skin looking a lot brighter, which i love! i don't have a lot of breakouts so can't comment on that, but i'm hoping this will work well as an anti-aging step in my skin care regimen.

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Green Haircolor: Fair-Medium Skintone: Blonde Skintype: Combination

(Posted on 1/21/2012)
Can't say enoughReview by Kinjal S.
Can't say enough good things about this serum. This serum has helped me get my skin back! I used to get cycsitc acne on my cheeks but since using this serum, I have not had any breaks outs (2 months now). Really, thank you Karen for making a fantastic product and giving me my skin back :-)

Age: 30-35 Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Not Answered Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Acne Prone

(Posted on 11/28/2011)
I have beenReview by Jane W.
I have been using Awesome Sauce for about a month and I am a complete believer in its magical properties! My dehydrated, oily, sensitive, acne prone, yet still developing wrinkles because I am just a couple years away from turning 50, skin is looking, and feeling the best it has looked and felt in years. It seems like the rather deep "laugh lines" that have carved themselves around my eye area are not as obvious. I also have not needed to use a moisturizer since I started using this product. I will definitely be reordering!

Age: 44-49 Eyecolor: Not Answered Haircolor: Not Answered Skintone: Not Answered Skintype: Not Answered

(Posted on 8/13/2011)
I love usingReview by Kathleen C.
I love using this product around my eyes in the morning (or any time my eyes look tired or puffy).
I sometimes need to use sleeping medication at night, which causes fluid retention and a puffy face in the AM - an effect similar to having too much sugar, food, or drink, etc. before bed. . . it is all about how much our livers can process.
Anyway, I find that AS works especially well for depuffing and brightening my eye area and my face in general.
I always have a sample size bottle in my purse.

Age: 36-43 Eyecolor: Brown Haircolor: Fair Skintone: Red Skintype: Sensitive

(Posted on 7/31/2011)

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