help. troubled skin/pics included- halp please

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help. troubled skin/pics included- halp please

Post by kkaris » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:10 pm

Hi! This is what my face looked like today(see bottom)- this was after an oatmeal/raw honey mask (not the silk naturals one, but one i just made myself out of oatmeal and raw honey) ... raw honey/oatmeal is supposed to be soothing, but my face exploded with redness/sensitivity. Does anyone know why this is?

Also- does anyone have any advice for healing acne/the skin type I have? I was using silk naturals oatmeal serum in the past which was great, and I'm in between skincare routines right now since I don't want to try anything new just yet in case it breaks me out. I used to use a different brand vitamin C serum which was really expensive and helpful, but I couldn't keep buying it long term. I'm just kind of randomly using different things around the house right now and haven't settled on a skincare routine (which I know is bad but that's where I'm at lol). So far I've been using hemp seed oil to cleanse, another cleanser to double cleanse when a heavy makeup day, and literally just slicing open an aloe leaf from my plant and rubbing the insides all over my face at night. It seems to help reduce redness but my skin doesn't feel... "good". I used to have nicer/more supple and moist skin. Right now it feels rough and like it's angry with me.

For makeup I would usually use silk naturals cream foundation/concealer but I'm trying to take a break from wearing makeup for a bit to see if I can heal my skin- I will probably only be wearing it 1x/week.

any tips? dietary/lifestyle/makeup/skincare routine? anything would be appreciated.
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Re: help. troubled skin/pics included- halp please

Post by JenW » Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:48 pm

I think your plan to keep it simple for a while is a good one. I too have sensitive skin and some days I have no idea what is setting it off. Hormones, the envorinment, the season can all come into play. Sometimes it is allergens. Things like honey may seem natural and not able to cause a reaction, but there are still pollens in there depending on the source.

If the oatmeal serum has worked in the past, it is probably a safe thing to use. You could try our Vitamin C Serum once your skin decides to calm down, as I am sure you were planning to do.

In your place, I would stick with what I knew was ok, and add things in very slowly. I would also probably skip the makeup for a while, except maybe the Ultra Sheer Zinc. It is a generally soothing product. As for the aloe, I am not sure I would choose aloe directly from a plant for all over my face. It might be just fine, though. Maybe spot test to be sure>?

I would also be looking at changing my pillow case often and adding an allergen barrier. Have you recently changed detergents or anything like that? We do have allergies at our house, so we have to sometimes think beyond what you put on your skin.

I hope you find a solution very soon!
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