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Welcome! Forum Rules

Post by karen » Sun Feb 24, 2008 1:39 pm

We are happy that you found your way here. We do have a few rules in order to keep this a fun a friendly place.

1. Have fun! Life is not always easy- or fun, but makeup should be. Please be curtious and respectful to your fellow forum members. We love the diversity of our customers, and each of you are truly unique and special- please respect those differences- it's part of what makes this fun!

2. Please do not post about a Customer Service issue. You will get much faster and better service if you use the "contact us" form on our web site. We do respond to most emails within 2 business days or less (some questions take a little more thought or research- so they do take longer, we're not ignoring you, we just need a little extra time).

3. Don't do anything you wouldn't tell your grandmother about. That probably covers a lot of things- but you know, the usual board rules apply here too- don't curse or swear, don't spam the boards, keep off topic posts in the "Chit Chat" section etc.

4. Be Yourself. Over the past few months we've gotten to know quite a few of you, and you're all wonderful women. For the most part we're all running around trying to do what seems to be a million different things, and look good in the process. We all have good days and bad days- and this forum should be a place for all of us to congregate, and enjoy each other's company! If you support each other the way you've supported Silk Naturals and we'll all have a great time.

5. No SPAMMING If you're not here to talk about mineral makeup, or add to the community- please don't post here. Spammers will be banned without warning (which we define as someone with less than 20 posts, who clearly is just here to sell us a product). Please don't post links to sites where competing products are for sale.

That's all- I'm only posting 5 "rules". Karen (Silk Naturals owner) and Jen (staff moderator and passionate makeup fan) are the moderators. If we see a post that isn't cool for some reason we'll delete it and email you to let you know why. Don't take it personally- we really do have a diverse group (over 47 countries and counting), and without knowing it, you may have stepped on some toes, and we're really just trying to keep it fun for everyone.
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