Swapping Rules- please read first

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Swapping Rules- please read first

Post by karen » Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:04 am

So...we're going to try this whole swap thing. Anyone who's been around makeup forums knows that swapping doesn't always go the way it was planned. So we have a few basic guidelines. Silk Naturals has absolutely NOTHING to do with these swaps- they're purely among the forum members, and we reserve the right to delete this thread at any time.

1. Post in such a way to include what you have for a swap, and what you are interested in, and where you will ship. The rest will be handled by the involved parties by PM only. There should not be any posts in the thread about claiming things. They will be deleted and your message will not get to the person intended.
2. Once your item is spoken for, please edit your post.
3. Silk Naturals will not have any responsibility in swaps that go wrong....they are the responsibility of the parties involved. Any posts of swaps gone wrong will be deleted. Do not make me get creative...play nice.
I know this does not offer 'protection' from swaplifters, but swapping is just risky.
*edit* Use your best judgment about who you choose to swap with. If they're new, and don't have many posts- be a little cautious.
4. This is a swap only board. There are just too many weird things that can happen when money starts changing hands (believe me selling makeup isn't all it's cracked-up to be some days). Your best bet for something like that is another forum like Makeup Alley, the Chanty Board, or even something like eBay.

Please be sanitary about the way you handle your makeup.
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