Essential oils?

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Re: Essential oils?

Post by bellatete » Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:06 pm

feyith wrote:No, I really appreciate the info. I love sweet orange and lemon type scents too.

I saw this article with some recipes. Any thoughts on eucalyptus and/or ginger? ... rbaths.php
i cannot really give you any input on where to get the oils from, as i live in austria, but regarding your choice of eucalyptus... it is known to clear the head, and some people believe that it gets you closer to angels - in a good way ;) i personally love eucalyptus!! i find it is more refreshing than classic mint/menthol. i have no idea how it would combine with ginger though. eucalyptus is cooling, ginger is warming. maybe that's the point of that mix though :D
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