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Color suggestions for a cool toned darker skinned person?

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 4:32 pm
by ContessaAnana
I’m relatively new here. I’m looking for something to just wear to work or on a casual setting. The hard part is that anything that hits right has to have some sort of plummy, pinky purple feel. That’s for “natural” wear. I suit darker more “glamorous” shades like berries, wines, deep reds, raspberry pinks, darker plums, deep blue eyeliners and my best clothing colors are darker colors like rust, Auvergne, black, pearly whites, cranberries, Ruby, emerald and pine, charcoal grey, silver, whiskey brown, darker brass, dark vermeil, white golds and all sorts of white metals, aged metals like dark copper. My hair is dark brown. Whatever you want to recommend please do as this is a birthday treat for myself but I’m also looking to see if I can pull off a more subtle look for day because while I love being able to rock my dark, kinda witchy drama (my nana is a painter so that’s how I learned what colors suit since she says I look best in “galaxy”, “wintry” or jewel like colors, like Tiffany lamps as she says😂🤣). Pardon the length of my query I tried to be helpful so you can get an idea of what to suggest. Please and thank you for your time. I’m shopping the site right now and want to buy EVERYTHING.