Gloss Questions and Recommendations?

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Gloss Questions and Recommendations?

Post by Loonii » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:05 am

What do you consider the longest-lasting and best gloss formula?
I didn't like the waxy hyper gloss. And although I hear wonderful things about ALG, I actually found them drying and they seemed to disappear within minutes of applying.
Ideally I want a long-lasting, moisturizing, nourishing and plush lip gloss that is glossy.
I think I am leaning toward the kisser slickers and the boss gloss but wonder how they wear, feel and look?
And also which of the luxury gloss/balms/butters is also longest lasting? I tend to need extra moisture and repair.
I wonder if my ideal long-lasting nourishing gloss/butter formula actually exists?

Also I like my gloss somewhat opaque and milky but also open to something more sheer and glossy.

What is your experience with the Boss Gloss and how does it compare to Kisser Slicker Gloss and the BL Luxury glosses/balms for wear, feel and moisture? And what are your favourites?

Thanks for your help.
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