sweat/climate proof makeup?

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sweat/climate proof makeup?

Post by kkaris » Mon Aug 27, 2018 2:24 pm

Hi everyone!

I live in a really humid tropical environment where even perfect makeup at the beginning of the day ends up looking like a sweaty disco ball by the end (lol). I am currently trying to get my foundation/eyeshadow to stick and not sweat off. I'm using silk naturals eye shadows and SN stick em primer, and I'm using the HD Cream Foundation and I use the SN cream concealer occasionally. It looks perfect at the beginning of the day, but by the end it ends up sweating off, purely because of the climate. It truly is like walking outside in a sauna lol.

Do you all have any tips for making the makeup stick (either by using other SN products or blotting, some kind of setting spray/primer)? Right now my skincare routine is just washing with pumpkin seed oil, and using rosewater/glycerin spray and occasionally using the oatmeal SN serum or a few dots of pumpkin seed oil underneath the makeup (but usually not). I'm not really an oily skin type (I think I'm dehydrated/combination if anything and I'll have breakouts depending on what I eat), but I end up getting extremely shiny by the end of the day.

I've thought of trying to make foundation with the SN powders, but I'm kinda scared because I'm not thaaaaat skilled with makeup lol. I'm "medium skilled". :D

Any makeup/skincare suggestions that would help? I really feel like it's the climate's fault, because in the winter when it finally cools down, my makeup looks great AM to PM.
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