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SN Lippies 101

Post by karen » Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:53 pm

Here at SN we have the world's largest collection of organic lip products. Why? I'm an addict. I've spent literally years of my life developing the formulas, the colors, and perfecting the art of hand made lip products because I love it. They're endlessly fascinating, and over the years the line has grown to become what it is today.

Each lippie that we make is hand-made, from scratch using all natural oils, butters and waxes. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, and there are never any preservatives, petroleum products, or silicones in any of our lippies. They are gluten free, and have a shelf life of about a year.

We have 5 basic formulas:
Kisser Slickers- the original lip gloss. It's packaged in slim tubes- net weight 2 grams. Kisser Slickers are lightly sweetened, and have a hint of vanilla flavor. Pigmentation varies quite a bit. Some are absolutely sheer, some are shimmery, some are matte, some contain almost as much pigment as a lipstick. Over 85% organic

Black Label Luxury Glosses- Black Labels are the pinnacle of luxury and moisturization. They're rare, precious gems, and contain the creme d' la creme of ingredients. We only make a few colors because the ingredients are very rare and that limits the number of colors we can make. Also included in this line is our Full and Smooth lip plumper. It's rich, creamy, long lasting, and superbly moisturizing. It's one of the few plumpers that DOESN'T sting! These are packaged in slim tubes, and have a hint of vanilla flavor. Over 75% organic.

Private Reserve Liquid Wand Glosses- 100% organic ingredients in a non-sticky vegan formula! They're the slickest, glossiest lippies that we make!

Vegan Lipsticks and Glosses- We try to make a little something for everyone, and our vegan formula is divine. It has luxury oils for conditioning, and absolutely no beeswax. they're slightly less creamy than our Kisser Slickers. These are packaged in slim tubes, and have a hint of vanilla flavor. Over 85% organic.

Lip Balms- Formulated to keep lips moisturized and protected in cold, brutal, Winter weather. They are packaged in traditional .15 ounce balm tubes, and the flavors vary seasonally.
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