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The Mystery Adventure Club is one of our most fun, most requested products!  It's a beauty subscription box that gives you an insider view of Silk Naturals.

Each month, for 3 months you'll receive a package containing that month's gift with purchases- plus some exclusive goodies.  

Here's how the club works. 

Packages will be sent the second week of the month- on or about the for a total of 3 months.  Your first shipment will go in the mail on November 15th-ish, and will cover the GWP's from October 23 through November 13.  So for $41.99 plus the cart will charge you $4.00 for shipping  you'll get a total of 12 GWP's in a total of three shipments (plus some other goodies- we make it really fun).  We don't charge your card, or send you paypal invoices for anything else.  One price, three shipments.

1) If you're getting this club- please make it a separate order so we can be sure that we keep track of everything correctly- don't order it with other things.  The cart will charge you shipping, but I've already deducted it from the price of the club.  In order to keep the price down as much as we can- you do not get a free shadow of your choice with this purchase.

2) The price is figured for shipping at least $12 worth of product every month- could be eye shadows, lippies, blushes- who knows!  That's the Mystery, and why you need to be a little bit adventurous.

3) We're not doing substitutions...if you've placed an order in the month, and already have a certain GWP color, then you'll have two of the same color.  I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find someone who would be happy to trade for it.  

4)  If you have any allergies to anything let us know when you place an order for the club.  We try to keep them 100% natural, and vegan so you're all set there...but let's say you're allergic to something like peppermint oil, or soy- that would be handy to know.   

The sign-up period for this round of the Mystery Adventure Club ends on October 18th and we reserve the right to limit the signups on a first-come first serve basis.


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