Silk Naturals Donations

Silk Naturals is a Green Company

We strive to produce as little impact on the planet as we can- we use energy effecient lighting, reuse or recycle everything we can, walk your packages to the post office, and many other, smaller things. 

Although we go to great lengths to reduce our impact- we do produce some carbon greenhouse gas emissions- mainly from our shipping activities, a little bit from our power useage, and some from our employee's commutes.

To further lessen our impact we partnered with TerraPass to offset our carbon emissions.  Using Terrapass' carbon calculator we were able to figure-out our annual carbon emissions, and purchased credits to offset them.  Terrapass then takes the money that we give them, and puts it towards renewable, sustainable energy projects- like building windmills. 

We're happy and proud to do this- and are constanty finding new ways to further reduce our impact.