Silk Naturals
Guide to Eyes

3 color eye diagram
1-2-3 Eye

The 1-2-3 eye is simple and versatile. 
Start with a simple wash of color from the lash line to the crease. 
You can stop there (there's nothing wrong with just a simple wash of a single color- it can be elegant and beautiful), or add a bit of a highlight color, or liner or both!
To make a 4 color eye- just add a deeper shade to the crease- and you're done.
v eye diagram

Start with a wash of a highlight color from the base of your lashes to your brow bone.
Add a second, deeper color to the "outer v" of your eye- i.e. the crease, and along the lash line

You can mix it up a bit by adding a third lid color, or extending the crease color to make a full line.
Rocker Eye
Modern Eye

Start with a wash of color on your lid.  Shade the outer third with a deeper color, and add some liner. 
Add a highlight color for a more classic look.
The Infamous Smokey Eye

The Smokey eye can be done with any of the above diagrams, it can be as simple, or as complex as you want to make it.  The Modern Eye diagram with maybe a little bit of a highlight color is my first choice for a smokey eye, but really, any of them will work.  The classic combination is generally done in tones of black, white, and grey- but I've seen it look stunning done in browns, greens, purples, blues, etc...

To do a Classic Smoky Eye
Storm Cloud, Silver Lining, Raven, and Whipped Cream were designed as a classic smoky quad- if Whipped Cream is too light try Vanilla, or Cherry Blossom for a highlight. 
If you prefer something a little warmer, and more metallic- Slick, Rebel, and Blackheart are a great combo- again with your choice of highlight color.
For a Brown Smokey Eye Honey, Bittersweet, and either Vanilla or Sprite for the highlight color.

Foiling is applying a color wet for more depth, shimmer and intensity.  It works for more dramatic looks, or is fantastic for liner colors.  You can use any of our colors either wet or dry.
There are a couple of different ways to foil
Standard method- Dampen your brush it water, dip it in the shadow of your choice, and apply.  The Wet Dry brush is great for using this technique on your lids, for liner use the liner end of our double-ended eye shadow brush.  The advantage of using water is that when it dries you can go back in and blend the colors easily.
SN Method- Apply a very thin coat of our Cream Liner Sealer to the lid, and tap on a layer of eye shadow.  This makes for bold looks, and doesn't dry or look powdery- BUT if you're doing a look that needs some blending, it's a little bit harder to blend colors with the Cream Liner.

General Tips
Use a microfiber dusting cloth, available at most discount stores, to clean your brush between colors- the cloth holds the dust, and cleans them pretty well.

Color Combinations
There are endless combinations of colors that you can do- we've setup the site so that there are combinations available for each color under "related products", and there's our forum where you can get hints, tricks, and great advice!